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Neptune - msg rcvd

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On msg rcvd, Neptune employ an array of new techniques and methodologies to explore indeterminacy and difficult phenomena such as feedback. Moving away from guitar feedback, this record features amplified drum feedback as well as the introduction of two new ‘feedback-organ’ machines. Developing their career-long interest in arranging and deploying found sounds, Neptune continues to use their sonically peculiar guitars built from pieces of found metal, but add to this new devices to pick and arrange sound out of the air: interrupted radio broadcasts. On msg rcvd the listener becomes eerily aware that trash is not just the junk on the street and in alleys, but it is also the invisible radiation that surrounds us and permeates us, and, in an expanded sense, the very material of which our bodies and experiences are made. One man’s trash, another man’s Neptune.

Featured Artists:

Kevin Emil Micka: drums, amplified drums, kick oscillator, small feedback organ, electronics
Mark William Pearson: guitar, oscillator organ, sine wave generator, vocals
Jason Sidney Sanford: guitar, vocals, feedback organ, oscillator

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